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Service Projects
There are many ways to make a difference!

 * Live loyally and faithfully - submit to God's creative will each day!
 * Host or attend a study group
 * Get involved with the Library Placement Program

 * Volunteer to help with events - the laborers are few
 * Serve on a committee - choose your favorite cause
 * Attend events - bring family, friends - especially the children!

 * Make phone calls to welcome new reader referrals
 * Pray for success in the establishment of the kingdom of God
 * Host a "coffee talk" at your local coffee shop

 * Sponsor a lady's luncheon / men's outing
 * Share your ideas for outreach/service ~ send to:
 * Make friends among the UB community on your favorite social network

 * Bring your experience and skills to empower the group
 * Submit an article for TIDINGS or JOURNAL
 * Share your financial resources to help our worthy causes

 * Be a dedicated servant - become a member
 * Help with the Prison Inmate Response Team PIRT
 * Join a class, let your light shine through your creative projects

 * Help us develop children's activities to encourage the next generation
 * Mentor a new reader / faith believer
 * Volunteers are needed at Urantia Foundation - call 1-800-URANTIA to inquire