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UAI President Gaetan Charland
Report from my trip to Haiti.
Dear friends,

This trip on the 7th of December and which lasted 5 days was one of the most encouraging trip I did visiting different associations around the world. Truly good leadership is what is most important and the peoples and readers of Haiti are blessed to have a dedicated, hardworking leader in the person of Jean Thomas Nelson supported in his work of organization by another leader, Jean Gary Julmé and three other readers who are actively promoting the UB and have a study group in different cities. All the readers I meet are well-educated peoples but what I noticed, not many have completed a first reading, in fact I meet approximately over 70 persons and only a few of those have completed a first reading.

One of the reason explaining this fact, is that most of them did not have their own book and could only read in groups, the other reason they gave is that they find the first part very hard to understand, focusing only on the part of the Life of Jesus and third, most meetings they were having were focus on presentations of the teachings made by Jean Thomas or Julmé instead of on reading together. Because of the earthquake, the organization has lost a lot of its momentum due in part by the destruction of their meeting place in Port-au-Prince and many readers fleeing the country and not returning.

Not withstanding all those issues, I was able to meet three groups of old and new readers in three different cities and through my observations I have seen the great work that Jean Thomas has done for the Revelation in his country. I had the opportunity of giving presentations to every group about the Revelation, the importance of study groups and some information about the difference between UAI and the Foundation. I was also able to give training to Jean Thomas and Julmé and a few others about how to elaborate a strategic plan, use the database to register all of the readers they knew in Haiti, how to create more study groups and support them, how to disseminate the UB and its teachings without making to much emphasis on the creation of an association for they need to encourage the readers to at least complete a first reading on their own.

I have established with Jean Thomas a regular and secure postal address so we can send them more books and study aids material. I have also told them that for the time being they will be under the watchcare of the Urantia Association of Quebec so they will be able to communicate in their own language and have the full support of the association just like the regular members do. I have left with him a lot of documentation on study groups, a laptop computer with all the necessary documents and Power Point presentations with a projector to present them.

I will keep in touch with Jean Thomas and make sure he attends the study group symposium in two years and come to the next International conference. He was very glad of my visit and believes it will be a strong boost to the readers in Haiti.

In spirit of brotherhood
Gaetan G. Charland
President UAI